If You Can’t Spend Time Outdoors, Maybe It’s Time the Outdoors Spends Time with You

It’s a no-brainer that you’re going to need to stay inside during the coldest parts of the winter. With temperatures in the area constantly hovering in the teens and 20s, it’s just too cold for any human to spend daily quality time outdoors in a relaxing setting (snowshoeing, skiing, and ice skating are all wonderful ways to spend time outdoors in the winter). So when you can’t get outside to enjoy nature, here are some ideas on how you can bring the outdoors inside to blend the cold winter with warm memories of a warmer season:

  1. By installing more windows or finding places to create large, “almost wall-less” areas where you can capture sunlight and allow for a more picturesque view of the outdoors, you help remove the box-like feeling of staying indoors all winter long.
  2. The natural and obvious move would be to add more indoor plants to your home. They help filter the air, as well as provide you with more memories and the feel of summertime.
  3. Use outdoor materials inside your home. Counters made of stone or wood help remind one of the outdoors and are visually captivating, too.
  4. The same could be said for floors—bamboo, wood, and cork floors tend to stay warm and provide a touchable connection with materials commonly associated with the outdoors.
  5. The other option you can go with to remind you of the outdoors is natural sunlight. Natural sunlight via skylights and more windows (see #1 above) gives a better feel of a connection to the outdoors.
  6. Decorate with fruit and plants. Even adding a fruit bowl to the kitchen table is a great way to fill the room with the smell of fresh fruit while reminding the family to choose healthy snacks.

It’s not difficult to keep winter at bay by filling the home with reminders of the outdoors. Think about how easy it is to lose yourself in the coziness of the holidays; it’s just as easy to embrace the warmer seasons and bring them indoors. It just takes a little creativity and elbow grease.


Henry Duckstein Jr.

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Having grown up in the family business, Henry Duckstein, Jr., is a hands-on owner at Duckstein Restoration. He's always available to our customers and believes that hard work, experience, and communication are the keys to successful restoration projects.