The History of Duckstein Restoration

Our Beginnings

In 1971, Henry Duckstein Sr. left his teaching profession to embrace a personal passion by founding our company, which was then-known as Duckstein Contracting, in McKees Rocks, PA. Starting with a small, talented crew, the main focus of Duckstein Contracting was the restoration and reconstruction of fire damage, while also performing various kinds of other repair and contracting work. Today, 75 percent of the original employee group still works with us as expert carpenters and estimators.

As the years went on, the focus on fire damage restoration increased, and relationships with regional insurance companies, representatives, adjusters, and suppliers became stronger. As business grew, so did the scope of restoration work, and Duckstein Contracting was quickly beginning to repair water damage and eliminate mitigating mold, while bringing peace-of-mind to Western Pennsylvania residents who unfortunately faced disasters and subsequent damage to their home.

There was something extra special to this restoration work–not just building a deck or installing wainscoting, but the idea of genuinely helping those in need quickly took hold in our company culture. This is when Duckstein Contracting became what would continue to define it for generations to come–a company that helps those in need through experience, caring, and understanding. We go the extra mile across the board, because we’re not only repairing homes, we’re restoring the lives and well-being of our customers, too. With great responsibility like this, we consider it a requirement to be the very best we can be in order to best help you and your family.

Our Growth

While continuing to develop, Duckstein Contracting began branching into more offerings for our customers. We noticed the need for on-site content restoration services, and we added practical services like next-day emergency dry cleaning. In short, we molded ourselves around our customers’ needs to best be able to serve our community. As time went on, these additional services and our ever-increasing scope of operations allowed us to geographically expand our service area to approximately 120 miles around the city of Pittsburgh, reaching into Ohio and West Virginia.

Soon thereafter, Henry Duckstein Jr. began growing up in the restoration world. Henry Sr. was never one to take it too easy on his children, so Henry, Jr. learned by working diligently over the years with the different restoration crews. Eventually, Henry, Jr., worked his way up to a management position and started filling a leadership role for Duckstein Restoration.

In the last decade, we expanded our already-effective water damage restoration department to include multiple, full-time first responders, as well as full-time mitigation crews dedicated to awaiting your call of need. Our water mitigation started off in the shadow of fire damage restoration, but has now grown to a point that it encompasses a significant portion of our business. Our mitigation trucks are fully stocked and ready to be dispatched 24/7/365 to arrive promptly at your home. We carry all of the latest technology, and we are ever-evolving to stay with the newest technology to dry and restore your home in the most efficient way possible. What’s more, our crews are so numerous that your team will never be pulled from your job to work on an emergency somewhere else.

We have also expanded our personal property department once again. A new building was just completed in the spring of 2014 to house storage and processing of damaged contents. Though this was always a service that Duckstein has provided, due to high customer demand and an expanding business we added a separate building dedicated to contents. This building is located at Duckstein headquarters, which allows for a secure storage site behind our chain link fences, with barbed wire and security cameras added for extra measure. The contents building is capable of holding up to 20 normal-sized houses. This has also allowed us to employ four Amish women who work full time to clean your contents by hand. We also use a 26 ft. moving van that lets us transport your contents to our facility in an efficient manner to begin processing. For content tracking, we use the top-of-the-line assured pack-out software to ensure that we properly track inventory and photograph/document your contents for the security of your possessions, and also for the convenience of you and your adjuster.

We're Writing Our Future, Too

Family Leadership

By the 2000’s, Duckstein Contracting had become Duckstein Restoration, and was under the supervision of both Henry Duckstein Sr. and Henry Duckstein Jr. as well as an experienced team composed of those who helped found and grow the company over the course of its history. In 2005, Henry Sr. officially sold the company to Henry Jr.

Today, Henry Duckstein Sr. is still seen around the offices, but he also enjoys having lived a lifetime of hard work that continues with Henry Jr. who leads Duckstein Restoration in its continued goal of helping customers by not only offering home repair and restoration, but also the genuine support and all-inclusive answers needed when damage and disaster strikes. Henry Duckstein Jr. is a proud father to three children, and the hope is that the tradition of family inherent in Duckstein Restoration will continue in the future.

What’s Next?

Over the last decade, our staff has grown substantially and we have been grateful to find some truly amazing people to work for our company. We plan on further growing on those same values that we started with–professional, expert restoration and home repair from a company that understands a house is more than just a place to live. From our knowledgeable field employees to our courteous emergency technicians, everyone at Duckstein Restoration believes in turning your unfortunate damage into a situation with a bright silver lining. We plan to continue doing what we do best–restoring families’ homes and helping them to put their lives back together after a crisis. Should you experience the inopportune event of a fire or water damage to your home, don’t hesitate to call us. We will work with any insurance carrier.

Let Us Work for You!

If you feel that our dedication to our customers, our in-house 24/7 crews, and decades of experience are in line with what you seek in a restoration company, contact us and we'll work for you.