We believe that hard work is the path to success.

Our Staff at Duckstein Restoration

There are a lot of things that make a company great–the right equipment, expert knowledge in our area of work, the efficiency to accomplish tasks ahead-of-schedule and the resources to do so. We certainly possess these qualities, and we also stay current with cutting-edge knowledge and technology, just like many other companies that work in damage restoration. What makes Duckstein Restoration different is that we believe that a damaged house and the loss that comes from it is more than just a “project.” When damage occurs to a home or business, the livelihood of the people who live or work there is thrown into a tailspin. We go the extra mile to understand and accommodate our customers as if they were our own family–we know that a home is so much more than a house, and a business is more than a place to work. These are the places where our customers write the story of their lives, and with unexpected damages, life itself becomes quite difficult. We are proud that our services help get great families and businesses back on track in their homes, offices, and facilities, so they can get back to comfortably writing their stories as quickly as possible.

Management at Duckstein Restoration


Henry Duckstein

Henry grew up in the restoration business learning the tricks of the trade from his father who started the company in 1971. In 2005 Henry purchased the company from his father and started a new legacy. Using the skills and knowledge from years of working with his father he has built the company we are today. By assembling a strong team of experienced and hard-working employees, he has molded Duckstein Restoration into one of the largest restoration companies in Western PA, servicing over 700 homeowners in need every year. A hands-on owner, he is seen from time to time in the field helping homeowners and business owners in their time of need, restoring their homes (and lives) back to normal.

Ashley Taylor

General Manager
Having joined Duckstein Restoration in May of 2012, Ashley Taylor was brought on as a small loss estimator for Duckstein Restoration. Her 10 years of experience with property loss and restoration has brought a wealth of water damage knowledge to Duckstein. Together Vic and Ashley tripled the size of the small loss department within the first year. It was then Ashley became the small loss department manager and grew the Small Loss division for Duckstein Restoration. Late 2014 Ashley was promoted to the General Manager, overseeing day to day operations in the company as well as continuing her role as the small loss manager. Though her position has changed she still continues to go in the field and help the emergency crews when necessary, visit with customers and find resolutions for clients with difficult problems.

Vic Duckstein

Operations Manager
Another addition In May of 2012, Vic Duckstein was approached by his cousin Henry about becoming a team member at Duckstein Restoration. Vic original position was quality control, making sure our customers were repaired to the high level Duckstein requires. It was not long before Vic’s extensive knowledge in management, operations, and sales has made him one of the largest assets to Duckstein Restoration. Now the Operations Manager Vic plays a vital role in Ducksteins’ day to day business. If that wasn’t enough he often goes above and beyond helping with emergency services, construction and other tasks that need an extra hand.

The Large Loss Department



Large Loss Senior Estimator
Norm has been with Duckstein Restoration for over 12 years. He has lead the Large Loss Department through many good times as well as bad. Working with losses of this magnitude it takes a special person to be compassionate, diligent and resourceful getting both homeowners and business owners back up and running as soon as possible. With his seasoned experience handling this type of claim you can be rest assured you are in good hands. In norms earlier years he worked as a carpenter, mason, project manager, foreman etc. This vast experience in construction knowledge gives him a viewpoint not only from the estimator side but from the carpentry side as well. Norm has completed jobs for commercial clients such as Jenny Lee Bakery, Atria’s, and The Hop House to large residential claims with over 1 million dollars in damage. His focus, determination and calm demeanor really help him get the job done efficiently.

The Small Loss Department



Small Loss Estimator
Tom has been with Duckstein Restoration since 2013. With years of experience in the restoration field, it was obvious that he would be an asset early on. Tom is known for his cool, calm, and collected demeanor. With this approach to work, he helps his clients see that though this is a stressful situation, all will be well in the end. No matter whether he has 1 or 100 claims on his desk, he treats each client with the same committed time and attention. Tom also is a first responder to emergency situations, helping to solve customer's problems the moment he arrives.


Small Loss Estimator
Originally a carpenter, Dave has worked hard to become a small loss estimator. With his background in carpentry, Dave has a unique ability, for estimating purposes, to intrinsically know how a structure has been put together. Though he doesn’t specifically have x-ray vision, his extensive knowledge of construction makes it seem like he does. Dave has been growing with the company and while he's one of our newer staff, he already has the work ethic and precision as the rest of the Duckstein team.




Insurance Payment Specialist
Denise handles all of the billing to insurance carriers making sure our clients get the funds they need to complete the repairs to their homes and businesses. Hired in June of 2005, Denise has been working with us here at Duckstein Restoration since Henry purchased the business from his father and she has constantly contributed to the tremendous growth of the company. Denise manages to accomplish more tasks each day than most people could ever do, while also jumping in to answer phones or do whatever else is required to keep the office running beautifully.


Purchasing Manager
In October of 2012, Wayne Duckstein came on board to help with purchasing. With a company of our size, it’s not feasible to have everyone purchasing their own materials. Wayne, with the help of our carpenters, manages all the materials for Duckstein Restoration and ensures that they arrive on time to our work sites. Unlike many contractors, we order all materials at once and have them all onsite from the very first day. This allows us to keep repairing instead of stopping to wait for more materials. To us, it is vital that we complete each job from beginning to end without interruption asmuch as possible. Wayne also manages another unique attribute to our company, the in-house showroom. Duckstein Restoration's showroom allows us to buy wholesale from distributors instead of paying markups from other stores. In turn, we are able to pass these savings on to you. This also saves our clients from the overwhelming number of choices in the big box stores and lessens the need to travel from store to store in search of different products. Wayne has grown our purchasing department into the fluid process it is today, allowing us to efficiently restore homes to their previous conditions.