Duckstein Restoration’s Water Damage Restoration Work in Aliquippa

Project Description

The Water Damage Restoration Challenge in Aliquippa

An Aliquippa homeowner called us after they discovered water damage due to a leak from their toilet that had overflowed, causing water damage to 2nd floor bathroom, hallway, 1st floor kitchen, dining room and basement bath.

The Water Damage Solution in Aliquippa

Duckstein Restoration stepped in with our experience in water restoration to dry the insured’s home with our advanced drying equipment. After 72 hours of drying, the carpeting in the 2nd floor hall, 2nd floor bathroom walls and kitchen walls were saved. We replaced the vinyl in the second floor bathroom, kitchen ceiling, kitchen base cabinets, countertop, Kitchen flooring and subflooring, and the flooring and ceiling of the basement bathroom.

After six months of hard work, we were able to not only repair the damage, but restore this Aliquippa home to a condition better than it was before, all within the bounds of the insurance claim.

Project Details

Type : Fire Damage Restoration
Budget : Restored to a better condition than prior to the fire, and completed within the bounds of the insurance payment.