Slippery Rock Mold Remediation by Duckstein Restoration

Project Description

The Mold Remediation Challenge

A Slippery Rock homeowner contacted our company after noticing some microbial growth on her floor after removing some of her flooring. She then called her insurance carrier who contacted us. We had preliminary testing done to decipher the levels and kinds of spores we were treating and it came back with severely elevated levels of microbial growth.

Our Mold Remediation Solution

Duckstein Restoration prepared an estimate and submitted it directly to her insurance carrier for approval. Upon approval, we sent in a crew to build a containment . . . effectively keeping the areas that were affected from contaminating the rest of her home (negative air pressure was set up). We then removed the cabinets, remaining flooring, and cleaned all areas with a heap vacuum and anti microbial product. The area was then treated with a product that seals the building materials from the living space. HEPA air filters were then placed in the area until clearance testing could be conducted.

Clearance testing results were received and the home is free of microbial growth. The area was now safe to be restored to its former glory.

Project Details

Type : Mold Remediation