What is a Professional Home Organizer?

A professional home organizer is someone who will come into your home or office and help you arrange your belongings in such a way that it provides an optimal living situation for you and your family. While at first the position might seem like something suited best for the very wealthy, the truth is that these professionals spend their entire lives working to better organize people’s lives, and we are 100% sure they are going to have ideas for your home or office that haven’t occurred to you.

What a professional home organizer is not is someone who will come and clean your home. It’s easy to think this, but their job isn’t the same as a professional maid service, so you’ll need to tidy up your home on your own. What a professional home organizer does it use his/her training and experience to help you best figure out how to maximize your space, arrange your belongings, and increase your workflow throughout the property.

You won’t get Better Homes and Gardens’ quality rooms; that’s more what happens after a remodel. Instead, what you will get is a better way of storing your belongings, accessing your belongings, and better use of under-utilized rooms and areas of your home into your daily routine. A home organizer isn’t an interior decorator, but if you find yourself constantly swapping your kids’ rooms, rearranging the storage in the attic and basement, and buying the discount shelving units whenever they are on sale, a professional home organizer is perfect for you.

The home organizer won’t judge what your home looks like—if it was perfect, you wouldn’t have called them in the first place. But they also won’t judge relationships problems, so if you’re constantly fighting about who gets to choose the art on the walls, you might need to consult a relationship counselor more than a professional home organizer.

If you are finding that three kids, two pets, and an overworked husband leave your home serving different purposes for different people, all without a cohesive plan, then you might want to order a few hours of a professional’s time. They’ll help take into account all your needs and then draw on their experience to help you decide what to remove (throw away/sell), keep, reorganize, and more. They’ll help decide where to install shelving, share ideas about consolidating your belongings, and more. It’s worth the money if you find your house always serving a new purpose and never finding its true identity.


Henry Duckstein Jr.

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