Our In-house Showroom at Duckstein Restoration

To make sure we’re one of the premiere restoration companies in the United States, we’ve built an entire showroom of materials right here at Duckstein Restoration. With our showroom, the advantages are passed onto our restoration customers, and they include:

  1. No “shopping” trips. When you work with other restoration companies, part of your home’s recovery process is meeting individually with your contractor at specialty stores to select materials such as carpets, cabinets, windows, doors, hardwoods, counter tops, roofing materials, trim, siding, brick, and more. As you can guess, this constant need to select the materials for your restoration takes time and effort. By constructing our own showroom, we have on hand a wide selection of materials for you to choose from without having to drive back and forth to multiple places.

  2. While our showroom is extensive in its offerings, all the materials have been hand-picked by us here at Duckstein Restoration. And since we’re determined to deliver restoration work that is second-to-none, you can bet that the materials in our showroom have 40 years of restoration experience behind their selection. We love working with our vendors because we know that they supply the best materials for your restoration.

  3. Since we’re able to procure these materials directly, you don’t have to pay any middleman prices—which means your insurance money goes further.

  4. Our showroom is on-site, along with our huge storage area and our other departments. Your home’s property is being cleaned and stored right here at our secured warehouses. While you’re here at our showroom, you can pick up any of your personal items that you may need, meet with your team contacts, and have all your questions about your restoration answered in one stop.

  5. Since the showroom is on the premises, we can provide more flexible appointment hours to better fit your schedule. You’ve got enough on your plate after a fire or flood, and our restoration showroom helps to make it much easier for you, the homeowner.

  6. By choosing all of your restoration materials here at our showroom, we’re able to order all of the needed materials at once. This prevents the kinds of delays that are commonly found when homeowners have to shop through different specialty suppliers or big-box retailers. Once we start the construction, we like to be certain that there will be no reason we’ll have to wait to complete it.

  7. Our showroom and materials are not a mandatory part of working with Duckstein Restoration. The showroom is filled with high-quality materials that are considered by many to be the best in the industry. Regardless, if there is a particular brand or material you’d like for your home that isn’t part of our showroom, we’re glad to accommodate your desires.

The Showroom

Come and browse Duckstein Restoration’s hand-selected materials, conveniently located in one location.

We Handle the Smallest Details

Our showroom is well built to cover the largest materials and the smallest trimmings to your restoration.

Carpets and Hardwoods

We have a wide variety of carpeting and hardwood floors from some of the most desirable names in the industry.

Bathroom Fixtures

If you’d like to have the bathroom you’ve always wanted, our restoration material selection is perfect for you.

Brick and Siding

When your restoration project requires new brick and siding, our selection of high-end materials at lower-than-retail prices gives you more options than you can ask for.


Our dedicated roofers draw upon their years of experience to install the best in roofing and shingles as part of your restoration project.

Cabinets and Kitchen

Choose from our plentiful selection of cabinets and other kitchen installations for your restoration work.

Crown Molding and Wainscotting

We offer a great selection of crown molding, trim, chair rail, and more.


We have a beautiful, hand-picked collection of granite, hard-surface and vinyl counter top options for your restoration work.

Peace of Mind

We know how difficult a fire or flood can be. Come work with us and enjoy a restoration partner dedicated to solving your problems and quickly and definitively as possible.